ORO Oliva Oil

Olive Oil in Our Lifes

The symbol of the Mediterranean civilisation, olive tree has made the basis of many civilisations as born in Mediterranean basin throughout the history. Many researchers justify that the motherland of olive is Anatolia and olive tree initially spread from the South-eastern Anatolia to whole Mediterranean region through Aegean Islands.

It is agreed that olive growing has started with the first human being and the importance of olive in the human history is mentioned in all holy books and creation and foundation legends. For the purpose of indicating the value given to olive tree, throughout the history human beings have made it the symbol of hope, peace and victory and in some cultures the tree and its fruit were regarded as sacred. Now, in the modern times we are living, the golden liquid olive oil is still very important, but in means of HEALTH,FLAVOR AND PURENESS!

It is believed that there are two trees in heaven. One of them is "The Fig Tree" which symbolises "Reality", the other one is "The Olive Tree" which symbolises "Life". Who would ever doubt it?